About Elaine

ElaineBennettProfilePicI had a baptism by fire as a speechwriter: Less than two years after I signed on to write for the CEO of Salomon Brothers, scandal forced
the executive to resign. In stepped investor Warren Buffett. I had always wanted to work with him—he’s the best writer in the business world, after all—but I figured it would never happen because, well…Omaha.

And I’ve lived happily ever after, putting words in the mouths of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies from Bankers Trust to Deloitte, developing specialties in financial services (yes, I even understand derivatives), ethics, and diversity. In fact, I won the 2011 Cicero Award for the best-written speech on Diversity. I’ve also written several award-winning annual reports, although my most memorable annual report story involves a job she lost. (Go ahead, ask me about Enron.)

I enjoy bringing unexpected touches to business speeches, using humorous anecdotes and bits of history to illuminate even the most serious topics.

Born in New Jersey, I graduated from The Brearley School and Smith College. I root for the Mets, but named my dog Fenway.